About sample evaluation


MEC offers sample AMALPHA treatment services at a cost.

We either accept metal parts from user and return them after AMALPHA treatment (resin molding to be performed by the user) or provide the user with ISO-compliant test specimens* molded using MEC’s own mold.

When using our mold for this service, we will usually provide metal and resin materials. However, in the case of special materials, we might request the user to provide those special materials.

*ISO plans to establish resin-to-metal bonding technology evaluation methods in 2015.

Sample AMALPHA treatment

Sample molding using MEC’s mold

Sample treatment flow

  • Provide drawings to mold samples.
  • Select a metal material for treatment and resin for molding.
  • Determine treated quantity.
  • Quote preparation (Quotes vary with the shape and size of the treated members).
  • Send the treated members to MEC.
  • MEC’s Research Laboratory performs AMALPHA treatment and returns treated members to the user.
  • The user carries out resin molding and evaluation.

Notes on sample treatment

  • Some metals cannot be AMALPHA-treated.
  • The size of the sample should be such that the sample can be placed in a beaker.
  • Treatment and return typically takes two weeks. However, more time may be required during busy periods.
  • Allow us two more weeks for molding using our mold.

For more detailed information, please contact MEC.



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