AMALPHA sales system


MEC is a chemicals manufacturer. Although our main business is basically to sell AMALPHA treatment solutions, we also offer AMALPHA treatment services.

Please consult us if you run your production on a small scale and the installation of a treatment line on your site would not be cost effective or if you are unable to conduct chemical treatment within your company.

Installation of AMALPHA treatment line

MEC provides advice on designing and operating a treatment line. The AMALPHA treatment line is similar in construction to a plating line. It should be noted that the AMALPHA treatment line requires wastewater treatment facilities since it uses acids, alkalis or other corrosive chemicals.

AMALPHA treatment services

MEC offers AMALPHA treatment services using a company-owned line. If you have final drawings and determined quantities, we will quote approximate treatment costs. Please contact us for consultation.
MEC’s AMALPHA treatment line handles workpieces of 800 x 300 x 600 mm in size and carries out treatment in batches.

Two business models

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