Treatment/molding process

What is AMALPHA?

The AMALPHA treatment involves the immersion* of metal for several minutes in chemical solutions developed by MEC. Different solutions and treatment processes are used for different metals.
*Some solutions are sprayed on metal.

AMALPHA treatment line

Facilities used for an AMALPHA treatment line are similar to those used for electroless plating. In addition to metal treatment facilities, the AMALPHA process requires wastewater treatment facilities. AMALPHA-treated metal parts are placed in the mold of an insert injection molding machine and resin is injected to produce AMALPHA-bonded metal and resin integrated molding. (Other methods such as thermocompression bonding may be used to achieve AMALPHA bonding.)

Partial treatment

It is possible to achieve partial AMALPHA treatment by partially masking a metal member. It should be noted, however, that manual masking process might be substantially costly. (Masking would be more costly than AMALPHA treatment.)


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